Rising From The Ashes tells the story of Jennifer Ash, a domestic abuse survivor on the journey to healing. Ash, a published author, turned to writing as a way to move on from the horrors she faced in her 9-year marriage.

This video covers a vigil and march held by Mad Moms in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the first anniversary of George Floyd's murder. I gathered content and produced this video in one day for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Food Soldier covers the story of Roshelle Pate, a southeast Ohio food drive organizer that aims to bring food to those in need. She works to bring free boxes of food to the Athens and Columbus communities. Produced with Erin Burk

Alone was created as a way to show what it means to live and feel alone during a global pandemic. I explore my daily routine, the loneliness of not having a roommate, and how online schooling has affected my education and mental well-being.

To Call This Home tells the story of the Al-Akhasrachi family after they moved to Greensboro, NC with the help of Guilford College's Every Campus A Refuge program, which helps settle refugee families. Produced with Liz Moughon.

Lawson King tells the story of how Delta State University student King experienced the death of his father, how he survived a school shooting, and the art that came from these experiences. Produced with Keiti Robertson.

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